School holidays is time, when children can spend time on their favourite things, travel, visit friends and just take a little rest from the school year. During this project we wish to find out, when children form countries have their holidays and on what they love to spend their time. Children are always very creative and this time they have a chance to express their thoughts through comics. TOONDOO is an online-environment, which allows creating comics and present those as your own comic book. The project gives children an opportunity to practice and develop their English language and self-expression skills.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mardin Kiziltepe TOKI Elementary School


  1. Turkey is really beautiful and interesting country. We watched your presentation and loved it. Great pictures and overall very good presentation.

    Tiia and the students from Estonia

  2. hi Tiia.thanks for your thougts.l am glad that you loved it.the city l live in is realy interesting and and my students also wonder about your city.